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Raised Floor Systems​

Raised Floor Systems are systems that provide all aesthetic and functional conditions required in places where wiring, heating, cooling and ventilation installations are used extensively on the ground. Cables and installations can be hidden in the space left under the system, as well as providing the user with freedom in the layout plan of the spaces, as it creates the opportunity to intervene repeatedly when necessary.

Raised floor systems respond to different height and load requirements for the user’s needs. Alternative covering materials offered with raised floor systems ensure that raised floor systems are aesthetically pleasing as well as useful.

karo halı

Carpet Tile Systems

It offers colorful, pleasant and comfortable floor solutions with bitumen-based carpet tiles, loop and velor varieties produced from polyamide yarns.Carpets, which come to the fore with their wide color and pattern options, provide acoustics on the floor with their walking comfort and sound absorption feature. Carpets with anti-static and Bfl-s1 non-flammability values ​​are carpet tile floor coverings suitable for heavy commercial traffic.All carpet tile series are suitable for the green building concept and have LEED conformity certificate. Carpet tiles are produced from 100% recyclable raw materials.
pvc zemin

PVC Floor Systems

It is a homogeneous, wear layer Group T, commercial and industrial type non-directional, patterned, PUR supported, non-polishing, anti-static and antibacterial PVC floor covering suitable for heavy traffic use.

The priority application areas are commercial spaces such as hospitals, schools, shops and shopping malls. PVC floor coverings have a Floor Score certificate.

It has a wide product range in commercial type PVC floor coverings with rolls, tiles, sports PVC and alternative product groups.


Rubber Flooring Systems

Completely natural rubber floor coverings make a difference in their class with their high quality standards, pattern types and color alternatives.

It is one of the ideal product groups for use in places where naturalness and hygiene are required, in places where heavy traffic is required such as health facilities, schools, offices and stores.

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